QCO Lesson 1

Welcome to the Quick Changeover in the OR course. In this course we’re going to review a set of techniques and tools to make changeovers faster. The speed of the changeover will be the result of improving the quality of the changeover, which we will achieve through a series of tools and techniques that will require the participation of everybody involved in the changeover.

There is a lot of material to cover in this course. We will start with an introduction, so you know who is talking to you and who your coaches will be. We will then cover the concepts and definitions associated with a Lean Hospital, and the key concept of waste. We will cover the most important tool for sustaining process improvement changes: Kaizen. We will then dive head-first into the details of Quick Changeover, including the terms used, the data necessary, the analysis required and the three phases of improvement. Finally, we will spend time covering how to sustain these improvements. You will be able to do better changeovers and sustain and improve them over time.