VSM Lesson 9 Identify Waste

In this lesson we’ll be covering Phase 1.9 of the VSM Roadmap.

Waste is work that you or others do that adds cost but does not add value. Don’t get upset with me, I am just stating a fact. I’m not saying “Your work is waste”. I am in no way referring to a person but to the process. I am sure you will agree with me that when you go looking for a piece of equipment and it is not where is supposed to be, all the time you spend looking for it is waste, right? And what about the floor nurse who is ready to discharge a patient but has to look for a wheel chair for 20 minutes? Waste also, right?

Waste must be eliminated,  because by eliminating waste we can make the clinician’s job much more meaningful. All of the minutes that are now wasted can be (and should be) dedicated to patient care.