What was your overall impression of the Quick Changeover program?

Comments from Program Participants

It is a great help. I was surprised to know that there are steps that we can do to decrease our turnover time. Very informative. Very useful and reality based. At first I thought it was not going to work, but as I got into it it became very interesting. Fantastic! If you tried to accomplish this outside of a program it could take months to get it done versus a few days.

Describe the most useful part of the program.

It gives each surgical team member an equal amount of work. Being trained and able to develop steps to help the process. Video recording the event, creating a flow diagram with sticky notes, the video recording the improvements. Being able to do a mock run. After analyzing the Current State, practicing our changes in the OR and refining. Amazing progress!

Did the program accomplish all that it could, or was there more that could have been done?

It is a great start in a short period of time. It accomplished what we needed to do, but it would have been great to delve into other OR projects!